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The Lee-Richards Annular Biplane Replica Restoration

The Original Machine

A single engine annular biplane with a 22ft wing diameter (wingspan!).

Flew a number of short hops at Famine Point, Heysham in 1910 before being converted to a glider which flew from a hill top at Kirkby Lonsdale in 1912.

In 1913 the circular wing design was flown on a Lee-Richards Monoplane from Shoreham. The monoplane completed 128 hours flying time before the project was cancelled at the outbreak of WW1 in 1914.

The Replica

The replica was built in 1964 by Denton Partners at Woodley and used in the filming of 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines'. After filming the machine was stored at Wycombe Air Park until 1967 when it was transferred to the Newark Air Museum.

Restoration of the replica started at Shoreham early in 2000 by the staff of the Archive, mainly Simon Rogers (ex-Shuttleworth Trust staff) and Arthur Hill (Retired carpenter of F.G. Miles Limited, Shoreham).

The aircraft is now displayed in a semi-restored condition at Shoreham Airport and is available to view. Please ask in the Airport Visitor Centre for a member of staff to accompany you to the hangar.

Click here to view a selection of images of this most unusual aeroplane

The Flying Flea

We have recently created a 1935 Pou de Ciel or to many of us better known as the 'Flying Flea'. The Flea played an important part of Shoreham's history when the demonstrator model of this peculiar aeroplane was flown by its creator, Henri Mignet, at the Official Opening Day of the Municipal Airport, 13th June 1936. The Archive can now boast a 'Flying Flea' which has been built to the original 1935 specification.

The Piffard Humming Bird

The Piffard Humming Bird Replica is beginning to take shape. Forward and central fuselage and central wing section have now been assembled and is available to view by visiting the Archive. Tim Hogben is the creator of these marvellous machine who in previous times spent much time building the Pou-du-Ciel which is now a major attraction (off-airfield) for the Association. A new publication has been released, ‘The Piffard Monograph, Piffard - First Over Shoreham’, compiled by Peter Roberts and is for sale at the Archive for £2.00 (or £2.50 including postage and packing). © 2016