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'The Archive' Journal, Winter 2004 - Contents

  • The Memories of Squadron Leader J. Fraser, No.277(A.S.R.) Air Sea Rescue Squadron
  • Commercial Aviation at Shoreham
  • "How I became an erk" by Aubrey Coughtrey
  • The Formation of the Shoreham Airport Committee
  • "Journey from England to India in an Auster Aircraft, 1946" by Robin Potter & Jennifer Hammond
  • The Inventor, Jack G. A. Kitchen (1869-1940)
  • "A New Radio Station to be installed at Shoreham" Compiled by M. F. Williams
  • "Here Dog" by L. J. Elliott
  • "Gliders at Shoreham" by Denis Budgen
  • "Returning to a normal way of life" by M. F. Williams

.... plus much more!

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